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Eco-friendly Padded Bag Enviroflute 300x440mm EF6/J

EF6/J Enviroflute White has Easy Peel closure with Deadlock Adhesion Padded Bag

  • Recyclable,
  • Biodegradable,
  • Waterproof,
  • Super lightweight,
  • Space Saving (over 50% reduction) 

Enviroflute White has Easy Peel closure with Deadlock Adhesion and is the Worlds Most Environmentally Friendly Padded Bag.

Offering massive protection against the elements as well as against the normal bruising bumps/drops/scrapes of the courier delivery networks.

Ideal for large items such as household goods, medium sized electronics, Shoes, large items of clothing, amongst many other sorts of larger e-commerce inventory.

*Please note that the size of the product relates to the internal size of the product, the external dimensions are approx 20mm larger in both directions.

This is the equivalent size to J/6, Size 6, Letter J codes in 'traditional padded mailer' sizing charts, (brand dependant.)