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Backup of Sustainability


We don't just protect your products.

We protect your brand and our environment.


At the heart of everything Enviroflute do is our number one goal of sustainability. 

With products that are sustainable, recyclable, and many that are biodegradable, reusable, and/or certified, you can rest assured that being eco-friendly is at the heart of everything we do at Enviroflute. Here are some of the ways we put sustainable practices at the centre of our business:



  • In 2023 we completed the installation of solar panels to provide significant on-site renewable electricity generation to power our production.

  • Of the remaining electricity which we source from the grid, 92% is from renewable sources.  This is far better than the national average for grid supplied electricity of 40%.
  • We have LED lighting throughout the building which uses less electricity compared to fluorescent lighting.

  • We have motion sensors for both internal and external lighting that automatically turns off when not needed.

  • Our offices have been designed to make good use of natural light thereby reducing lighting electricity usage in the daytime.

  • Heating is supplied by heat pumps.

  • Hot taps are installed in the kitchen and rest areas.  These have lower electricity usage than kettles.

  • No fossil fuels are used in the building for heat or power; everything is powered by electricity. 


    • We have a strict recycling scheme maximising the re-use of:
      • Plastics, paper, and cardboard waste
      • Waste pallets
      • Metal printing plates
    • We actively promote a paperless office except for logistics and deliveries.
    • The document-enclosed pouches added to all deliveries are made from paper.
    • Only reusable kitchen items are stored in our office, and we have a strict no single-use plastics policy in our kitchen areas.
    • Water conservation processes are in place throughout the building including waterless urinals! 
    • Our company gets involved with green initiatives throughout the year and encourages our clients to do the same. 




    • All of our forklifts run on electricity
    • Modern building with insulated office and warehouse.
    • A-efficiency EPC rating on the building.
    • We have skylights in warehousing providing natural light and reducing electricity usage.
    • Reflective film is fitted on windows to reduce solar gain and therefore electricity requirements for cooling.
    • Hot taps are fitted throughout the kitchen and rest areas to reduce electricity usage.
    • We have installed charging points for electric cars.



      • We regularly assess and refine our sustainability practices within the company.
      • We actively encourage feedback and ideas from our employees.
      • We demonstrate our social responsibility by following best practice protocols and encouraging our customers to do the same. 


      • ISO14001 (Environmental Management) accredited
      • FSC® accredited
      • PEFC accredited; the majority of our core lines are PEFC accredited
      FSC® certified products available upon request.

        See our company accreditations


        We offer Carbon Balancing on a job-by-job basis.  Please ask your sales contact for further details.

        Enviroflute is currently going through a full Carbon Balancing offset programme and will continue to update our results on this page. 

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