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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Enviroflute Padded Bags made of?

A. They are made entirely of FSC paper, including the padding, no nasty plastic bubbles, entirely biodegradable, and recyclable as paper.


Where are the Enviroflute products made?

A. All the Enviroflute products are completely sourced within Europe, from raw materials to conversion into the final products, to ensure that the emissions are kept to absolute minimum, and ensure absolute minimal impact upon the environment.


Do the prices include VAT?

A. No. All the prices on the website exclude VAT but include UK wide delivery (Small additional charge for orders under £30)


Do the prices shown include delivery?

A. See above!


Can I order samples of the products?

A. Most products have the option to be able to order a sample, and the cost shown includes the delivery.