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Enviroflute shares insights and product knowledge that will most definitely relate to your industry. From Health, Beauty and Giftware sectors to Trade functionality.
Diverse is our middle name.  

How We Work

Enviroflute is a family business with over 40 years’ experience onbuilding client care and transparent relationships. We work with ourclients to ensure requirements are understood – enabling us toestablish and provide the best solution for them.
Investing to make a difference 
We like to challenge the status quo of current packaging trends and in2019 we launched the first fully biodegradable all paper padded bag,delivering a real sustainable alternative to the plastic-lined paddedalternatives. Since then, we have invested heavily in R&D, taking ourtime to understand the challenges of our clients and working togetherto explore the best solutions for your organisation, and have created arange of eco-friendly packaging solutions including card mailers,tissue bags, void fill and gift boxes.
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