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Subscription ecommerce boxes

Subscription boxes + Postal Packaging With a Difference 

At Enviroflute, we offer sustainable packaging, ecommerce packaging and printing solutions like no other. It's our specialty, and we are now thrilled to announce that we are adding sustainable Subscription and Postal Packaging to our extensive range.

What is that, you ask? 

We are sure you've noticed this, but subscription based packaging is on the rise. More and more, customers are opting for the convenience of having products sent straight to them, rather than going out and shopping for those "essentials" every week, fortnight or month. The convenience of receiving household products through the letterbox and not having to think about getting more, gives people time to focus on other more important things. We save you and your customers time. 

It's also about providing you with more options for your customers.

You want to make their buying journey to be as easy as possible and you can't get much easier than receiving something through a letterbox.


It's time to elevate your Brand!

Subscription packaging options are countless - from the design and construction to the size, materials, colours and printing you want on them. Enviroflute can guarantee the best purpose fit solution for your business, from the implementation stage all the way through to development and analysis, and then production!

Perhaps subscription or postal packaging is something you've been considering for a while but just don't know where to start? Or maybe you explored the options once before but just weren't happy with what you were told.

logo on box

Why should you choose a subscription postal box?

Here's just a few ideas for why it's the way forward: 

SOMETHING UNIQUE - We can help you find a unique postal box that will suit your products. We always keep our most popular boxes from the EnviBOX range in stock but if we don't currently stock the particular one you're after, we can order it. And we will happily source a bespoke solution - including inserts to keep your products safely stored during transit. 

CHOICES ARE ENDLESS - From unlimited options of sizes to the various thicknesses of the board, we have so much variety available in this range you will never get stuck. Instead you'll be spoilt for choice.

BESPOKE PRINTING - With our digital printer and our other more traditional printers, we can make your postal box or subscription box the most unique around - imagine adding your logo or tagline to the box so it's instantly recognisable. 

PROUDLY UK MANUFACTURED AND SUSTAINABLE - Our postal box products are made from sustainable sources, we replant our trees, they're recyclable (with many being biodegradable), and made right here in the UK.


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