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Why choose a postal box?

The advent of subscription packaging has given rise to online shopping like never before. It's all about being able to get what we need easily and effortlessly and there is no simpler way than a postal box arriving straight through the letterbox. You've likely seen them already. They come in all shapes and sizes, for example, kids craft kids, gin sets, bamboo toothbrushes, vegetables, and even dishwashing tabs.  

But it's not even just about the convenience of it automatically arriving in the post that is a reason to choose a postal box. There's also the ethical implications. As consumers, we want to make informed choices about where our products are sourced, the mileage used to get them there, that people are being paid minimum wage, and what the boxes themselves are made of.

We took all of this into account when we came up with our new Subscription and Postal Packaging solutions

We know that if you or your customers are going to be using subscription box options moving forward, you want to get it right the first time. After all, you could have these customers on board for over a decade or more if it's easy, convenient, and aimed at the right price point. 

Here's just a few reasons for why choosing an ecommerce box (which can double as a postal subscription box too) is the way forward for many businesses: 

billion dollar box business

IT'S A BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS: The subscription ecommerce industry is growing rapidly and Univdatos* estimates that it will be a $2863 (US) billion dollar business by 2028. Now while these are US numbers, the trend in the UK is similar. Your business could benefit hugely by getting on board and gaining a piece of this pie. If you have small products that your customers buy, there's a very good chance that you can offer these on a subscription basis, or at the very least, sporadically via a postal box. 

IT OFFERS STABILITY: For the consumer on the receiving end, knowing that those essential consumables they've bought from you will automatically arrive as needed without needing to add it to the weekly shopping list takes the pressure off the household stocktake. It's reassuring, and consumers love this element of the subscription ecommerce market. For them, they're paying for stability and convenience. 

CONSISTENCY IN ORDERS (FOR YOUR BUSINESS): While customers may benefit from said stability and convenience, for your business it's also about reliability. Multiple customers on repeat subscriptions can be very reassuring for a small business in terms or a regular cash injection. It also helps your business to better predict stock needs. 

THE ELEMENT OF FUN: While it's cool to get a different coloured bamboo toothbrush in the post every month even though dental hygiene is quite bland, there are actually a lot of really fun subscription based website popping up on the market. Sites like Cratejoy offer tremendous fun in the form of subscriptions, with boxes varying from entertainment and crafts, to beauty and food. The box choices are endless. 

SOMETHING UNIQUE - We can help you find a truly unique ecommerce box that will suit your products. We always keep our most popular boxes in stock but if we don't currently stock the particular one you're after, we can order it. And we will happily source a bespoke solution - including inserts to keep your products safely stored during transit. 

As long as the box you're after is within the usual letterbox dimensions, with our help, you can create a custom built box to suit the products you're sharing with your customers. 

BESPOKE PRINTING - We can help you make sure that you stand out in the post. With our digital printer and our other printing options, we can make your postal box or subscription box the most unique around. Why not add your logo or tagline to the box to let customers know who sent it before they even open it. And we offer colour printing, and colour choices for the make of the box too, to make it even more bespoke.

PROUDLY UK MANUFACTURED AND SUSTAINABLE - Our postal box products are made from sustainable sources, we replant our trees, they're recyclable (with many being biodegradable), all made right here in the UK.

CHOICES ARE ENDLESS - From unlimited options of sizes to the various thicknesses of the board, we have so much variety available in this range you will never get stuck. You will, however, be spoilt for choice. Hence why this range is so enviable! And we have packaging advisors on hand to help you make the right choices for your business, brand and products. We want you to stand out!

Why not lean on their expertise to help you make the right decisions. If you've been thinking about subscription boxes for a while, now is the time to take a deep dive and explore your options.

We would love to chat further. If you think our EnviroBOX might be right for you, why not get in touch so we can chat further. 

univdatos reference: https://univdatos.com/report/subscription-e-commerce-market/