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Enviroflute Eco-friendly Padded Bags Mixed EFSAM001


Our Enviroflute white paper padded bag has easy peel closure with deadlock adhesion and is the world's most environmentally friendly padded bag. It's biodegradable, recyclable and reusable and it helps reduce the overall use of single-use plastics for packaging. 

Our Enviroflute paper padded bag offers massive protection against the elements as well as against the normal bruising bumps/drops/scrapes of the courier delivery networks. And it's even water resistant (as we know from testing it on our bosses' phone). 

EFSAM001 is a great package for trialling the product to ensure that you get the best-size padded mailer for the item(s) you want to send. Alternatively, for home users who have a range of different-sized products to send out, this will give you every option you'll need. This product has free delivery included too!


  • Recyclable

  • Biodegradable

  • Waterproof

  • Super lightweight

  • Space Saving (over 50% reduction) 

What's included in the mixed pack?

There is 1 of each of the following products included in this mixed pack: 

  • EF000/A  Internal Dimension [110 mm x 165 mm]
  • EF00/B   Internal Dimension [120 mm x 215 mm]
  • EF0/C     Internal Dimension [150 mm x 215 mm]
  • EF1/D     Internal Dimension [180 mm x 265 mm]
  • EF2/E    Internal Dimension [220 mm x 265 mm]
  • EF3/F     Internal Dimension [220 mm x 330 mm]
  • EF4/G    Internal Dimension [240 mm x 330 mm]
  • EF5/H    Internal Dimension [270 mm x 360 mm]
  • EF6/J     Internal Dimension [300 mm x 440 mm]
  • EF7/K    Internal Dimension [350 mm x 470 mm]

*Please note that the size of the product relates to the internal size of the product, the external dimensions are approx 20mm larger in both directions.