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Grampian Brown Manilla 115gsm Peel & Seal Mailing Bag

4993 162x229mm (C5) Grampian brown manilla basketweave mailing bags are lightweight yet strong, with an easy-peel & seal strip for fast and secure closure.
If you want to show everyone that you care about the environment then these are the products to use. Produced from recycled material, and fully recyclable and biodegradable these are easily written on, and can also be personalised with logos, marketing messages etc.
These are great for shipping small items such as stationery, or home items that don't need padding, or too much protection, these are also easy to store as lay flat in storage.
This size will fit an A5 (148x210mm) sheets of paper, catalogues, or thin brochures. Another great benefit of this product is that if it