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Enviroflute’s Padded Bag truly is the perfection of design.

Not only is it made from completely recyclable sustainably sourced paper, waterproof and lightweight, but the very construction has multiple benefits to the practical business owner.

The corrugated paper internal design gives a sleek and compact finish, making it not only easier to customise and print, but easier to store. In fact, the Enviroflute Padded Bag can boast a storage space saving of up to 50%! Although we are sure they will be flying out the door, this in turn means reduced holding costs, by way of a reduction of the number of pallets requiring storage.

As you will be able to store more, you will therefore actually be paying less in transport costs, thus also contributing to reducing your company’s CO2 footprint, which is just as harmful to the environment as the plastic in traditional bubble bags.