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There’s no doubt that 2020 hasn’t been the year any of us expected. Covid-19 has played havoc with most business sectors especially hard hit have been hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries.

But there have also been some winners amidst the turmoil and lockdowns. With people forced to stay at home and non-essential shops shut people have turned increasingly to ecommerce for their shopping needs. This increase in online shopping is expected to add £5.3bn to UK ecommerce sales this year taking the total to £78.9bn, according to analysts at Edge Retail Insight.

What does this mean for packaging?

The increase in online sales has led to an unprecedented demand in packaging from retailers large and small and whilst this might be great for business it might not be that great for the planet.

The packaging sector was certainly on a roll pre-Covid-19. The global market value in 2019 was $917 billion, according to research by Smithers. When it comes to ecommerce and online shopping packaging is often the first physical touchpoint many consumers have with a brand. Today, eCommerce packaging is a powerful brand element, helping to build trust and loyalty and is also a key part of the unboxing experience.

But plastic packaging is increasingly coming under attack from eco-conscious consumers who are aware of the contribution plastic waste makes to the climate crisis and demanding more sustainable and greener approaches from those they buy from. And with the UK being one of the world’s largest producers of packaging waste, at 2.4 million tonnes a year, now is the time for brands to be part of the solution not part of the problem.

A YouGov survey last year found half of UK shoppers were willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and consumers also want transparency rather than ‘green-washing’, with 70 per cent saying trust in a brand is more important now than in the past, according to research by Edelman.

Going Green is a Win Win

Consumers expect an enjoyable experience when receiving, opening and unwrapping their purchases and now more than ever there is a great opportunity for online retailers to use their packaging to help them stand out from the crowd and win new business in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

At Enviroflute we pride ourselves on being sustainable packaging pioneers, our aim is to support ecommerce businesses of all sizes meet their environmental responsibilities and delight their customers with a memorable unboxing experience.

How you present your product is crucial for your brand. Making the right decision on your ecommerce packaging from the type and size of mailer you use to the infill and inner packaging – all contribute not just to building your brand but also to your bottom line. Selecting the right size mailing envelope or box will help protect your products more efficiently, reduce waste and save on costs and carbon footprint.  For your customers, receiving their products in a well-designed, eco-friendly and on brand package will surprise and delight them.

Did you know that:

70% of customers form impressions on brands based only on packaging?

55% say they’ll return to an online store if an order comes in branded packaging?

52% of shoppers are happy to pay more for products if they approve of the packaging

Not all eco-friendly packaging is made equal

We like to keep it simple when it comes to our eco-packaging solutions:

We don’t do plastic AT ALL, instead all our products are made from ethically sourced paper and many are FSC accredited. Paper is a natural material that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable so it can be used again and again and won’t end up polluting our earth or our oceans.

This year we have expanded our range to meet demand and to meet our own environmental promises. We offer a complete eco-packaging solution from TRUNKK our range of eco-friendly card mailers, COAST our range of designer tissue bags and THE Padded Bag our innovative alternative to the traditional bubble plastic padded bag.

When it comes to packaging we understand there’s no one-size fits all, so our products are available in a range of sizes to match your products and with our inhouse customized ecommerce option is a great way to stand out from your competition. We can provide bespoke four colour printing, allowing better messaging, graphics and relatable images to be printed in full colour on personalised mailing carriers to make a truly memorable experience when your package hits the doorstep.

So, whatever your packaging needs are, we have the eco-friendly solution for you. Get in touch to discuss your next project, hello@enviroflute.com