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Our new digital printer

Did we tell you about our new office bestie, Juno? If we didn't, we really ought to. Juno is the latest edition to the Enviroflute team and she's a remarkable piece of kit.

Why are we so thrilled to have her join us? Well, here's the short answer...

  • Our new digital printer is great for those shorter or limited edition runs that you or your clients might need. Perhaps before you couldn't get this done because the smaller run was just too costly. Well this digital printer will make way for that. 
  • It's also fantastic for printing variable data on just about any order - from envelopes to postal boxes and everything in between. So if you want to send out a thousand different padded bags with individual names and addresses, our digital printer has you covered with truly personalised messaging.
  • Our digital print can do 4 colour printing (CMYK), and offers faster turnaround times. And we know that when you're in a hurry to send something out urgently, faster turnaround times are everything. 
  • This digital printer doesn't just print on all the usual packaging products but can also do the really unusual ones like egg cartons, burger boxes and even pizza boxes; anything up to 90mm thick, we can do it. This includes corrugated cardboard and pretty much anything porous

This is just a few of the reasons why Juno is such a welcome edition to the team. And while we still have our other amazing printers doing their thing, these digital printing options are sure to prove popular for many of our clients. 

If you'd like to see a sample of what we can create with our new digital printer, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our Account Managers who will gladly walk you through what we can offer.