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The huge rise in online shopping during the global pandemic has also bought with it a huge rise in the need for packaging solutions. It’s no longer enough to wrap your product in some bubble wrap, put it in an envelope and post it without giving it a second thought.

More and more brands are claiming their commitment to using 100% recyclable materials and to packaging being 100% recyclable BUT most have not considered how, where and who will be supplying and recycling these materials. Currently there seems to be a fair bit of confusion around packaging – is it recyclable? Is it biodegradable? Does it go in a compost bin?

Our mission has always been simple:

We make it easy for brands to choose sustainable packaging, so that together we can make positive change

We don’t want to add to the confusion, so all our packaging is 100% paper, which means it’s also 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable, SIMPLE.

The business case for choosing plastic-free packaging has never been clearer with 73% of people saying they would happily pay more for a product if it meant the packaging had less impact on the environment and 50% of UK consumers saying they have already switched brands due to concerns about packaging (Source: Sustainable Packaging Report, Media Planet). So, choosing eco-friendly packaging is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but it’s commercially critical to the survival of your business.

But it’s not just the environmental credentials of ecommerce retailers that customers are questioning – they also want a great brand experience. Often, the first physical contact a customer has with a brand is when they’re handling their package. This is a unique opportunity to make a favourable impression and to strengthen brand identity.

Delivering an ‘unboxing’ experience that will delight your customers is key if you want to drive brand connection, loyalty and in turn increase sales. Unboxing is now seen as the new on the shelf presence and has to be part of the whole brand experience. There’s a great opportunity for ecommerce brands to quite literally think outside the box and consider adding increased messaging, personalisation and branding to surprise and delight customers and increase brand equity. What better way to demonstrate how important your customers are to you than with some visually exciting personalisation to your packaging, ensuring it will make an impact the minute it lands on the door mat. We can help you achieve this with our bespoke services including monochrome print, full colour logos and marketing messages, all out coverage, bespoke peel & seal strips, and much more.

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