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Our range of ecommerce boxes has arrived

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Our range of ecommerce boxes have arrived

It's packaging with a difference  

At Enviroflute, we offer sustainable packaging, ecommerce packaging and printing solutions like no other. It's our specialty, and we are now thrilled to announce that we are adding sustainable ecommerce boxes to our extensive range - It's called the EnviroBOX range. And we have more variety than you could imagine to choose from Subscription and Postal Packaging to our extensive range of boxes. 

Why box it? 

Ecommerce shopping is on the rise 

More and more, customers are opting for the convenience of having products sent straight to them, rather than going out and shopping and our ecommerce range is the perfect compliment to this positive change. We have a cardboard box solution for literally any product or occasion. 

Make a lasting impression  

There are many and varied products that customers may want to buy from you and sometimes the humble padded bag, or eco jiffy bag, may not be quite the right fit. Our EnviroBOX range offer a brilliant solution. Your business will benefit from stocking packaging options for every occasion from the humble ecommerce box for a bulky item, to a subscription box for those smaller monthly recurring products. And what's more? You can make even more of a lasting impression with a personalised colour logo.

Choices are endless

With Enviroflute now offering UK manufacturing solutions for all cardboard and solid box requirements, you will be spoilt for choice. And even if you can't see it on our website, doesn't mean we can't recreate it bespoke.

We have:

  • A wide variety of board thickness
  • Unlimited options to sizing
  • Closing box styles of your choice
  • Unlimited options for bespoke inserts to compliment your products
  • Customisation/branding and printing
Our greener range

Our EnviroBOX range is 100% paper based and sustainably sourced paper pulp, and many are FSC accredited. Well actually, truth be told, this is the case for everything we sell at Enviroflute. They always have the Enviroflute green seal of approval!

In short, we offer everything...with a greener, plastic free guarantee. 

Elevate your Brand!

Our bespoke design solutions will ensure your brand makes the right impression the minute that ecommerce box lands on the doorstep. Together, we can create an experience for maximum impact! We are here to change the future of subscription and postal packing. Get in touch with our incredible Enviroflute Account Managers to find out more about how we can personally help your business!

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